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Free Forever

Hello you beautiful people! I am an avid reader and I loves to write poetry and short stories for my own sanity and amusement.


I want to be a bird
stretch my arms wide
Take a deep breath
And head to the sky
Closing my eyes to feel the ruffling swift of the wind,
which beats against my face
Shivering all over to the sizzling air
Tip-toed I stand.

Now I am free as never being,
As far as I can winged
Till my feathers die.
Scattered are my dreams,
clustered I have lived
I flutter my wings and
breaking the aviary I fly.
The fire of agony in my eyes
Now burns with more flames
Can be destructive if tries to annihilate.

We are not so different,
The bird and I
Both crave for freedom when locked in a prison
But the key is lost
And we cannot escape.
Not for so long though,
There is always a way out of this cage
There is always a solution to a problem
And there is always a key to the lock.
I have found mine with much rummaging
Out of this gloom I will glow
Invisible wings I stretch again
And way to go out
Now see me fly above the sky.
Happy and Reborn.

© 2021 Richali Gartia

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