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Free Verse Without Thinking


Experience a different World

Enhance a life of meaning,

Question not what one might find,

Without a guide to lean on.

Join newfound adventures.

Chasing dreams of rainbows.

Trace every step you make,

No room for wrong directions.


Teach the youth to cherish,

Every given day on earth.

Be present in the day.

For a present is a gift.

Bring it on without regrets,

Looking back will haunt you.

March to a different drum,

Fix the wrong you have done.


Free verse without thinking,

Tip your hat to the wind.

Greet a passing acquaintance,

Where a kindness never ends.

Carry burdens gracefully,

Tilt your head to strangers,

Turn every frown to smiles,

And find you flee the dangers.

© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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