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Free Verse Concrete Poetry Friday

I have been writing poetry for twenty years. Best poems and poets of 2004 International Library of Congress.Google/AdSense, Hubpages Author


Concrete Poetry

Have fun, the weekend is here! Shape your love for poetry, in which the meaning or effect is conveyed partly or wholly by visual means, using patterns of words or letters. I feel everything I write, turns out to flow like a Jet. So I just like to let my poetry project itself.

Concrete Free Verse


Average Joe.

I play with words,

knowing that one day,

I could sound like a Buffalo go!

Some days, I can feel the rhythm, you know?

So now, I'd like to show and tell.

Different stanzas of poetry,

filled in my hearts well.

Pieces of a puzzle,

I must cast.

A spell,


single time
I design on lines,
A diamond blinds my eyes.
Perfectly placing words one at a time.
They travel in packs and spurs,
Nouns, adjectives and verbs.
Eventually, winding down
making examples,
like samples.


Is the ability to

adapt too change.

Dependence, is a government,

with foot soldiers in invisible chains.

They say, "A visionary see every angle that be."

However, time travel is not possible I believe.

They say," Everyday is a gift in a way"

Look how far monkeys have come,

playing with the strands of DNA.

I told them I just like to play,

give God my heart

and let him have

his way,


My forte

Is to write,

from day to night.

Perfect masterpieces,

shedding my poetic insight.

I have a knack to rhyme words in packs!

The exact source is my heart.

I let it bleed on to paper.

So I could be known,

as a simple staple.

A cornerstone



© 2018 Ryan Christopher Beitler

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