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Fred Astaire - A Poem


In through the door

walked the man with the cane

By the cut of his clothes

you could tell he was vain


There was just something about

how he pulled out his chair

That guy, oh, wait is

that Fred Astaire


He snapped his fingers

and ordered a coffee

Then called to the waitress

I like mine frothy


The waitress came over

and set his coffee down

Then he took up his cane and

tapped on the ground


She turned her head

when she heard the sound

He grabbed her hand

and spun her around


He placed his foot

against the closet chair

This man, this dancer,

This Fred Astaire


He pushed it away

with pizzazz and some flare

Spun her so hard

showed her red underwear


Her skirt flew out

flat as a saucer

She spun so fast

Hey wait, is that Ginger Rogers


His feet slipped and they glided

as he leaned on his cane

He admired her legs

thoughts drifting to how to obtain


Throughout the café

music decorated the air

That music made her feel like she

danced in Time Square


He felt charming and dashing

And quite debonair

She looked and pondered

His thinning brown hair


He looked at her face

And saw it was frosty

And thought, hey

I just came in for damn cup of coffee


Through the window they

Saw it’d started to rain

The music stopped and

He put down his cane


So he sat there at Café Frankfurt

Located on Main

And patiently waited

For the afternoon train

Fred and Audrey Hepburn

Fred and Audrey Hepburn

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