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Four-letter word of lie

Oluwatobiloba is an undergraduate of the University of Lagos and a lover of poetry


Four-letter word of lie

When my forts collapsed within me,
And pain choked the words that hung in my throat,
I wanted to tell you in LETTERS, the exact way I felt.
But my pen was sad too.
Its ink had dried up,
The nozzle had cracked,
And the nib had stiffened.
Then, in WORDS only the heart can utter,
In a voice loud enough for just me,
My heart grumbled silently.

I wore a fake beam.
And my lovely face didn't snitch me,
It showed you the inverse of the rumbles within.
And when you asked how I was faring,
I gave the normal reply,
Our day-to-day common lie.
I lied, I've lied most times.
That four-letter word of lie.
So, when next I tell you I'm FINE,
Search my eyeballs for proof.

© 2019 Odunlami Oluwatobiloba Grace

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