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Four-Leaf Pennies

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

She put the frosting on his nose

And they smiled and laughed

Then it was his turn

And she turned angrily away

And wouldn’t play

That wedding day game

Worried about makeup

And image

And hair placement

And he was confused

Maybe even scared

Since it made him wonder

After being wed

For less than an hour

If it was a mistake

And he looked back on it

Thirty years later

With a soup of feelings

His children were the dumplings

And they were good

It was good to have them

But the broth was spoiled

And couldn’t last

A sour taste

Made a turvy stomach

But it had to be

If the dumplings were to be

And they were

And they were good

And it was good

They were made

And were here

And would be

For many a year

To come

Then one day

In cowboy boots

And blue jeans

With flannel shirt

At a B&B

In The Hills

With an ordained marrier

And not much else

For pomp

In the circumstance

But one friend as the bestie

For both

A new knot was tied

With a different bride

It was much stronger

Destined to last much longer

And they stood side by side

He do

She do

And they did

And still do

And the song comes on

As they drive along

In their pickup truck

With the windows down

Hair whipping in the highway wind

Guitar chords ringing

Stapleton singing

Starting Over by Chris Stapleton

Lucky clover

Four-leaf pennies

A belly laugh

And a full-face smile

That carves deeper the creases

Around the eyes

Starting over

Was a great idea

And the soup was good

Is still good

And the dumplings

Are too

Floating in a stew

That’s seasoned just right

And cooked to perfection

© 2020 greg cain

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