Four Christmases

Updated on November 27, 2017

Merry Christmas to all

— Ryan Cornelius

Four Christmases

BRAD and KATE are a couple.
Both coming from families that are dysfunctional.
Both have siblings without kids.
But their siblings don't know how to control their kids.
Both of their parents are divorced.
But their family's past will not force.
Will not force them apart.
But they aren't looking to start.
To start their own family.
Life is better without kids roaming.
Kids roaming around their home.
Things are better when they are controlled.
But it seems that they are afraid.
Their family history has them that way.
But the fact that they are together.
Reminds them that curses don't last forever.
They go on vacation pretending.
Pretending to be doing Charity.
Trying to avoid their families.
But at the airport, they end up waiting.
Waiting for their flight.
But a fog bank cancels their flight.
They are then interviewed.
Interviewed by the local news.
Alerting their families.
That they will not be coming.
Saying they're stuck at home.
They tried getting on the road.
On the road for the Holidays.
They then must spend Christmas Day.
With the family, their tried to avoid.
They will see the children getting toys.
As they brace themselves for homecomings.
They preparing themselves what may be coming.
As the day progresses.
The share many hidden secrets.
At first, they were embarrassed.
But now is the time to release it.
Like Brad's name is Orlando.
Kate fears inflatable castles.
She was ostracized as a child.
These secrets cause them to frown.
Putting a strain on their relationship.
Making them question their partnership.
Brad counts down to his freedom.
While Kate is over there using wisdom.
She's thinking of their lives.
Thinking of the siblings on both sides.
She then comes to see.
That a wife she may not want to be.
She may not even want kids.
She frightens Brad when she mentions it.
They get further into the day.
They stop by her fathers along the way.
She then asks Brad to fake.
Fake like split up.
Kate asks Brad to let her.
Let her visit her family on her own.
Make her family think she's alone.
Brad spends time his own Dad's house.
He then starts to think about.
Think about married life.
Wanting Kate to become his wife.
He returns to Kate and they're discussing.
The possibility of them starting a family.

Vince Vaughn
Reese Witherspoon

Seth Rogan


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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