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Foundation of Uneasiness

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Looking out at another cloudy morning that seemed to represent

Their current predicament in a rather offbeat way

Mother Nature's very natural mood ring of sorts

In this non-hippy climate of canceling culture

And throwing everything into a very large frying pan

Completely singed on every single visible side

Uncertain of how to escape the heat to get out of this kitchen

Dreaded the up in the air environment of what was to come

Started the morning off with a sense of unfathomable discomfort

Not of the physical persuasion of any kind that matters

Just woke up with a tone of discontentment and restlessness

Fighting an impenetrable battle it seems as of now

Unable to scale the endlessly high walls

Legs not strong enough to reach those heights

Without getting stuck by temperamental ropes and thorns

Hard to believe that the latter was possible

Not that surprising what people do in throes of battle

Mistakes made and betrayals thrown around like baseballs

Playing a game of catch with life and death matters

Seemed to trivialize the importance of such things

Understood that people in the medical profession

Only trying to help by informing them of everything

Sometimes, patients don't need to hear 900 different scenarios

When they just literally crossed the introductory line of process

Caring and informative nurses needed to dial back their knowledge

Especially those already anxious and weary of their future

Wished that some practiced the art of restraint just a little bit

If the roles were reversed in some weird twist of fate

Would they want everything thrown at them all at once

Or reasonably paced doses to digest everything down

Understandably many would commonly choose the latter option

Currently, climbing the walls and feeling scared of what could happen

Needed an outlet to level things out and relax

Let the chips fall where they may

Not worrying about moves that are light years ahead of everything

No need to focus on distant matters just yet

Focusing on ingesting the obtainable matters for now

One step at a time; all that can be handled for today.

Hard to see the horizon when so many things block it.

Hard to see the horizon when so many things block it.

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