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Forgotten Path

I wrote this at a difficult point of time in my marriage. Faith hope and love prevails.


Love has no time limits.

Somewhere along our path, I lost sight. You went ahead, or I fell behind.

You disappeared from in front of my eyes. Your foot prints, left formed on the ground.

I followed after, the imprints left behind. Every step you took, became one of mine.

I walked miles behind you. You did not stop. I stumble trying to keep up. You walked even faster. I lost my pace.

What happened to us. You say I pushed you away. You ran from me. I can't chase after you when you no longer want me to stay.

The damage is done, repairs though can be made. We can now fix this broken vessel. Make amends and mend what was torn.

So I stay, for now, waiting for what tomorrow brings. I'll stay and wait on a time when you are no longer angry, the hurt has passed, and you return to me.


“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

— ~Vivian Greene~

© 2018 Stacy Ingram vizcarrondo

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