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Forgotten Kiss

I enjoy expressing my thoughts through poetry, travel, well-being, and business tips.


In the cloak of the night

The long day now free of light

At last a passionate kiss

With an underlying wish

In that wide open view

To their hearts they were true

Music, laughter, moments that grew

Caught together in an adventure so new

Being taken over to go with the flow

With the allure of city lights so smooth the glow

They both knew how to keep some control

In a way for these days they were playing a role

But for a while they truly lit up the night

The connection, the bond was just so right

After some time the power of those days would fade

A new story, just cordial between them was made

But deep down somewhere, lost in the soul

Those nights so brief made them feel so whole

Hiding away in their thoughts, these moments of bliss

It once was so special, this forgotten kiss.

© 2020 Nella DiCarlo

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