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Forgiveness to Oneself (Weekly Word Prompt Response)

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Forgiveness is The Best Thing To Give Yourself This Year 2022.

We have talked about self -love, self -pity, self -harm, self -blame, and so much more last year.

Let's talk about forgiving one's self this time.

To forgive others and forget what they have done is already so much to do.

It's difficult especially if there has been so much pain and damage done.

What more forgiving your greatest enemy? Which is yourself.

It is time to let yourself free.

You can't learn to love and forgive others yet if you won't do it first with yourself.

There is a process of acceptance that you had your own mishaps and flaws alongside mistakes regarding your decisions in life and all the regrets.

Once you started to accept and acknowledge all that, forgive yourself and promise to make it up, make your life better, and your decisions wiser.

Forgiving one's self is probably one of the most difficult thing to do.

But you must do so to live a way more abundant life.

This year, give yourself that huge favor.

Forgive yourself for all the things that made your life miserable and in pain.

Forgive yourself for spending so much in darkness and dwelling so much with sadness.

You have been through a lot for the past years that have gone by.

It is time to move forward and leave all terrible things behind.

But taking with you all the lessons you have acquired along the way.

Forgiving yourself will not only make your life better but also you are giving yourself to let out and throw away the heaviest baggage you have been carrying all this time.

Enough with all the self pity and blaming one self.

Whatever has happened then already has happened. You can only make things better from here onwards and create new memories for a better you and your future.

Once you have forgiven yourself, everything else will follow.

You'll start to notice how easy it gets to finally forgive others and just spread love, care, support, and happiness.

With an aim to make this world a better place to breathe in for everyone.

Forgive yourself not for the sake of others.

Forgive yourself not because you have to.

You are not forgiving yourself because you made so much mistakes.

It is just one of the things you can do to start living your life a little less stressful and toxic free.

If people can't forgive you yet, at least make peace with yourself. That's what matters for now. It's the least you can do to help yourself.

Asking for forgiveness requires so much pride to swallow down. Especially if you are still in denial that you made a mistake.

So as with forgiving others. We get scared and traumatized that so long we forgive and forgive people might abuse it and would hurt us couple of times more.

Thinking what they did is alright for we were able to forgive them.

But of course that isn't the case.

We just don't want to carry anymore burden and luggage within ourselves this year.

Filled with anger, hatred, resentment, agony, pain, etc.

Pandemic alone hasn't been treating us well ever since it started.

All we need is a break.

Breakfree from all the things that's making your head and chest feel heavy with stress and pain.

That's the most you can do for yourself this year.

Forgive yourself and choose to live a life better than the years you have wasted.

You deserve to be happy and to enjoy the merits and beauty of life.

Don't deprive yourself that privilege.

We are all sinners and human beings after all.

We make mistakes and have some wrong decisions.

But so long as we breathe and wake up each day, there's still chance to change and make things better.

Let's just not waste more opportunities this time around.

We can't tell how much time more we have left here on Earth.

Make the best out of it while you still have stars to count. Just make sure you also don't lost the moon.

Forgive yourself and forgive others.

Be more compassionate and understanding.

That is what the world needs right now to heal.

Fighting and engaging to civil wars in this time of Pandemic will just cause more suffering of people.

Reconcile if you can reconcile.

Compromise if it can be compromise.

Let's not add anymore burden to others's struggles and battles.

Life has already been tough.

Let's help one another to alleviate one's burden.

Little by little, we can make the world recover again from this crisis.

Just trust the process and have faith that everything will be alright soon.

Everything will pass and be over soon.

By God's Grace and Will.

Blessings and Love to Everyone.


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© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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