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Forgive me when white diamonds

Have faded, do not shine,

When tears fall without number,

And even words don't rhyme.

Forgive me on the pouring days,

When gusts blow cold above,

When everything seems lost,

Devoid of hope and love,

Forgive me when our chambers,

Are silent and morose,

When weeping echoes far,

Passion - dying rose.

Forgive me when, forgetting,

I let you down again,

When I forthwith turn

To enemy from friend.

Forgive me for my weakness,

I am but a man,

But I love you so, ma chére,

Despite my toil and pain.

Forgive me when I arrogate

Your time, and do not listen,

When, self-servingly I yell,

Push and hasten.

Forgive me when I crush

Under world's colossal burden;

- For you, I will rise again -

Atlas, shoulders heavy ladden.

I will carry your emotions,

Like I carry your sweet frame,

Forgive me when the times get rough

And everything seems in vain.

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