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Forgetfulness - Do I Say: Enough!

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No buddy, no!

No messenger of my resurrection and peace, no!
No, kill me!
No, inherit my cave, my church, my prostitutes, my grave ... no!
It is not enough to be afraid like me, cursed fear and the religion of fear and the Lord of fear is like me,
Please forgive and say: “Behold, one of my brothers ...
Behold, my friend, my minister, and my guide to the sanctuary.
You have always (always ...) requested that you see my fear when I was truly afraid, and pity me when I was like you in need of compassion and help, and you remember (that I like you to remember me, that they did not lie in me, that they did not fall into me?) Your altar and your forehead, and: "You."
No, darling!...
.. .. ..
Do I say: enough!
Well, I will say “enough!”, And I leave the gate of my grave open to forgetting.
Of course: enough! ...

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan

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