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The Wallflower

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Since I was young I have always been fond of reading and writing. It is one the greatest sources of comfort for me.


They say the life of a wallflower

Is nothing but sad and cruel.

Just watching the lights from afar,

Away from the glam and the glamour.

Always the the sidelines,

Away from the limelight.

Always unnoticed,

Like your existence doesn't matter.

The life of a wallflower,

You rarely get noticed at all.

But it gives you the opportunity to see

What pieces are missing one you shake the puzzle.


Seeing people throw around fake smiles,

Trying to hide behind the lies.

Like an extravagant masquerade ball

Where people start to spin their tales at nightfall.

But I say the life of a wallflower

Offers such amusement and wonder.

Like observing fishes in the river,

Or frogs croaking in midsummer.

Like trying to see someone pretty

Through glass windows which are foggy.

Covering up the reality

Bent and distorted by norms set by society.

© 2021 Joy