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Always Live in My Heart

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Remembering You Always, Daddy

I’m gradually sinking into reality

Knowing that you’re no more

Sometimes I still think it’s a dream

But time has proven me wrong

You were the best dad I ever had

You are the only dad I’ll ever have

If I have a million words

It still won’t be enough

To express how I feel

If I had a bucket of tears

It still won’t be enough

To cry out my grief

If I had a thousand wishes

I would wish you stay alive forever

If I live a thousand lives

I would still want you as my dad

You were my backbone

You were my only confidant

I wanted to keep you forever

But alas memories of you

Is all I have now

Life hasn’t been the same

Since you left

The space you left in my heart

Is still wide and deep

Thoughts of you

Leave tears rolling down my cheeks

Tell me how do I live without you

When you were all I ever lived for

You always saw good in me

You brought out the best in me

I wonder why you had to leave

But God knows why

And all I can do now

Is pray that He keeps you

Safe in His bosom eternally

Till we meet to part no more

Though you’re gone

In my heart, you’ll always live

I love you daddy

And I miss you every day.

My Hero

My Hero

© 2019 Ehilenbalu David Uduebor


Ehilenbalu David Uduebor (author) from Baton Rouge on April 06, 2019:

Thanks Gypsy... I see you got more experience. I lost mine just last year so the wound is still very fresh

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on April 06, 2019:

A beautiful tribute to your dad. I lost mine when I was 10 and I still miss him all the time. But I know we do not really lose our dads they are close by and watching over us.

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