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Forest (Poem)


Cold air flowing throughout the forest on the evening breeze,

and tons of fresh air coming from the trees.

Leaves that drops with a gentle fall,

a whistle that sounded like a nature call.

The crunching noises when you step on the dried leaves,

and the chirping of the birds gives you different feelings.

It's so quiet that I only hear the nature's noise,

It's so beautiful that I can hear the forest's voice.

Sitting at the wood log,

exchanging stories until the forest fog.

I look at your warm face,

until the night while watching the camp blaze.

The forest is so quiet,

you and I together sitting at the bottom of the moonlight.

We're drinking beers together,

talking about our future forever.

We lay down our heads,

while looking at the shining stars.

Oh, look there's a shooting star,

faster and tell a wish before you light your cigar.

We stare so long at the night sky,

It's like we are surrounded by a thousand fireflies.

It's like Hazel and Agustus,

looking at each other's faces without being curious.

We're still awake until dawn,

laughing and laughing until the fire became dim and gone.

The moon shines so well and bright,

that became our only light.

Sleep with me,

and dream with me.

Until in our dreams,

We still saw each other.

I said that you'll be safe with me,

and all your troubles will set free.

I told you to believe in me,

that I will stay until you are ready.

Leaves falling from the trees,

cold winds flowing through the evening breeze.

Kissing your forehead while you're asleep,

until the end I'll treasure you and keep.

© 2021 Luckyfortom Malidom Salbino

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