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For My Future Self

A college student who aspire to be a professional writer by passion.



For most of my life, I’ve been thinking

What will happen to me in the in the future?

Though I’m still in the process of basic learning

But I’m already feeling pressure.

My mind is always at war.

She always fight with herself.

She said “you cannot go far”

But she also said “just believe in yourself”.

Overthinking struggles me and ruins my way.

It keeps me awake every night and day.

I just can’t help myself but cry

And it almost stop me to try.

I’m such a pessimistic person

And I’m always worrying about everything.

I am afraid to not meet their expectation

And it’s quite depressing.

I just wanted to be happy and enjoy life

To know what it was feeling in peace.

I need to avoid this mind strife.

Hoping this war between myself and I will cease.

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