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For Deliverance

Daniel writes poetry and short stories as a hobby. His poems were featured frequently in a local print media between 2006-2010.

Many toils have I endured

Whilst seeking myself

In an unforgiving world

That is clouded in pretentious favor

And through the corridors of possibilities

I find each door closed to me

As the tyranny of greed, is to be in control

Indoctrinated by a corrupted system

My future was never really my own

Lesser more my life as it now seems

Reduced to a mere commodity

And priced by the value of my certificates and degree

Where can I find deliverance?

To liberate my heart, mind, my soul

From the conspiracy disguised as humanity

And is enforced by in-humane tyranny

Who can deliver me out of involuntary slavery?

From a lifestyle of false wealth

Which is in fact lived in debt

And the stores of riches presumed to have value

That is traded for someone's excessive labor

I pray for deliverance

Not to the god made up by Man

But to the Divine untold of, yet felt in each breath

Heard in each heartbeat

Felt in each pulse

And seen in all wondrous of creations

Perhaps, one day, I shall finally be set free

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