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For A Friend

It seems like it was just yesterday

When we chatted and had a good laugh

We reminisced about the old times

And shared what's new for both of us

Never run out of things to discuss

From the most mundane to highbrow ones

We're a globe apart yet we felt near

Time flies as we kept the lines burning

Hi! A single line of text from me

You knew something was bothering me

You patiently read all my ramblings

Even when your stomach was grumbling

You listened while I whined and complained

How life is such a bitch and unfair

Though remorseful and conscience-stricken

I think God often does not play fair

You acquiesced yet you maintained your faith

That all things happen for a reason

We might not have all our heart's desires

Grace awaits when on earth we depart

No inkling at all that you're in a battle

The biggest and most daunting ever

Who am I to complain and despair?

My mole was nothing to your mountain

How much you wanted to share your pain

To lighten your worries and burdens

Yet you held back till you were certain

I was fully prepared to hear it

I knew how much you've tried to show me

A brave face, yet I've felt your fear

Alone and so far from your loved ones

You chose to endure it by yourself

When the pain became unbearable

You had bravely taken it all in

Your faith in God just never wavered

You prayed for His gift of cure and grace

Silently I wept for your ordeal

I knew that you have reached the endpoint

And I had no doubt you knew it too

Yet you resolved to fight till the end

I prayed as hard for your miracle

Implored God that He might change His mind

Hoped against hope for some mystery

An answer to your most fervent plea

However, God had different plans

To spare you from all your miseries

In His loving arms, you were welcomed

A haven away from earthly woes

Thank you, goodbye, I miss you, my friend

It was a privilege to know you

In the afterlife, if we're reborn

I wish we can still be best of friends

© 2022 Harriet Dionela