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For Me, You

An admirer of her soul, in love with her beauty, women empowerment advocator.

With you

Sleeping here in your arms
feeling like I'm the boss
queen of love and you the king
i can hear birds and my heart sing
with you my love,
i feel like a woman, a special one indeed
you have made your roots deeper than seed
with you my armer
all i feel is safe, no harms around me
all i see is bright, no fire near me
with you my lover,
all i feel is loved, like a precious diamond
all i feel is cared, flourished with love end
with you my husband,
all i see is our kids, playing around you
a home filled with love, laughters with you
with you my love king,
all i see is our kingdom filled with joy
having a princess girl and a prince boy
with you my forever,
i see us in white hairs lifting eachother up
i see us with grandkids raising us up
with you my lasting love,
i see us leaving this world together
with smiles, happiness and laughter.


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