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For Words Are

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Let me pick up this pencil and begin from the start.

Where the words I marked pages with healed my heart.

Creating an imprint for my eyes only and wishing one day to be brave enough to share my art.

For the words are my medicine.

They cleanse me and make me whole.

They do not judge because they are mine to hold.

The freedom to display my beauty and my pain.

The freedom to be me through my lens and strain.

For how you see me is true and no less.

But my own eyes may not be as kind and as blessed.

I write these words on my ink stained pages to fill them with love.

Because strange things have shaped me and it is time for these shapes to become one.

Let the words give light to a dark and broken past.

For the things that scare you have shaped me all along.

© 2021 Ashley