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For Truth Lovers Only: A Poetry


Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


Uncomfortable Truth

I'm in love with truth, comfortable or not

which often drives my friends away

satirizing world that's lying a lot

and every dirty, unholy play.

My rhymes are often without a finesse

and don't bother asking if I really care

wordy and prosaic, so I would guess

but I simply say what I want to share.

I let those real poets present the art

as for me, it's just playing with rhyme

I am only an idle, and thinking old fart

giving certain style to my killing the time.

If you've come this far with your reading

congrats, you also have some time to kill

and I can't really tell if you are succeeding

whereas to me this writing is a genuine thrill.

So I'm laughing at myself not sparing others

seeing all those masks pretenses and lies

it is not that any of it particularly bothers

but it can't escape my truth loving eyes.

Do We Genuinely Care?

We wouldn't help blind man across busy street

if that "caring" act didn't give us a certain joy

even without trying to pretend or cheat

no matter how this truth may annoy.

When we lose a person close and dear

we don't always think of their cruel fate

but there is something like secret fear

that we'll go as well on uncertain date.

We express concerns over our beloved nation

all noble as it sounds, what else could it mean

oftentimes it's nothing but our procrastination

to address our own life and keep our act clean.

We send our armies to a far away land

to free a people from some oppression

or is it for our influence there to expand

well, how can we count on a confession.

It might take an effort in our heart

to separate wheat from all that chaff

otherwise we'll never be able to tell apart

what's genuine care and what's worth a laugh.

Pissed Off America

First it was the Native folks who got in the way

some killed, some contained, problem went away

but then, all of the Blacks suddenly decided to stay

after granted freedom, and somehow it didn't feel O.K.

Mexicans got useful by performing cheap job

welcomed as such, or so it would only seem

for, soon they got classified as intruding mob

when they dared to share American Dream

Then political differences created deep gap

and that's become a fuss of a different kind

if not about minorities, then a political crap

brother hating brother for an opposite mind.

Then even that somehow wasn't enough

as the whole world got after American ass

new policies enforced unfriendly and tough

to secure supremacy over that hostile mass.

Imaginary enemies becoming a political must

turning even good friends into dubious allies

paranoid eyes couldn't spot anyone to trust

all that nothing but big money in disguise.

Constantly at a war under one or another excuse

and if we follow the money we'll come to the truth

while just parading as if "tightening some screws"

after that not convincing one of "tooth-for-a-tooth".

American people, that biggest of treasure

that has from ever kept their America great

turned servant to this weird political pleasure

with a peace of mind seemingly hard to create.

© 2021 Val Karas

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