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For Today

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


It feels like the efforts were a waste. But didn't regret making those efforts. For it proved something to you. That there are still a lot of good people. Letters written. Yes, you had read them. All of it was about you. All of it. I hope you know that. Laughters shared. As sincere as it was. Hurt was above it all. You hurt me. Dreams yet to be made true. But only, There was no me in it. Admitting that I was hoping about it. I'd just let it slide. Call answered and missed. Seconds to minutes to hours. That was what our calls lasted. Though now it seems I am done calling for you. What a shitty feeling. Or is it you that is shitty? Curse words were only there in my mind. Though I relaxed a bit but then began feeling tense again. But of course, it is not your fault to begin with. It was me. It has always been me. Mine. Should've kept the optimism for myself. Or at least realistic in some way. I saw the good in you. And I know you know it. So for today, I apologize for loving you so deeply. A love I never imagined I was capable of. Though labels not seen, my feelings were visible.

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