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For the Love of Paintinting- My Old Poems.

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

Muse Isn't Available

The article contains three poems that I wrote about a few months ago. It also includes some quotes that I wrote for the love of painting. I want to tell you that my muse isn't working- becoming stubborn, you know?

Well, I am having long quarrels with my muse nowadays. But readers do need something to read, right? So here are a few old pieces that I previously published on another site but later removed because I no longer wish to write for that site. Maybe, I am in love with HubPages.

All of these poems are related to the love of painting. Nothing is inspiring me for a long time. So, these are the previous ones that I wish to share with all of you. Maybe it will give a kickstart to my muse. Who knows?

With the art of painting you can say loudest things with lots of grace and joy.

— Misbah

Beautiful Sky

Beautiful Sky

She Paints Clouds

She paints clouds, let's say she paints the sky,
A touch of white, a touch of blue,
A ray of sunshine, a touch of honey,
The result is pale, she adds a little.

She takes a step back to admire her canvas,
Still a little white, here it is essential,
This one is too bright, she adds a veil,
She paints clouds, let's say she paints the sky.

She takes a step closer to her canvas,
A touch of blue, let's say a bauble,
Last brushstroke to remove the veil,
In her painting, she enters, and now she flies.

People judge an artist based on the colors of his strokes, but no one knows whether he is painting himself or the society he lives in. The colors say a lot, but it's important to hear what they're saying.

— Misbah


A Walk On Embers

To speak of love is to give birth
To feelings to an adjective
It is to find the coloring
Agents, the pigments of emotions.

To paint on one's heart
The words of one's colors
In a beautiful watercolor
Of sounds, of vowels.

Of rhymes that one accumulates
by additional touches
Small sparks
From accidental fire.

It is a walk on the embers,
As on the edge of a cliff.


Color strokes speak volumes, but what's interesting is that they talk differently to each person who looks at them. Painting is a type of poetry that everybody can read, but only a few understand if it's merely rhyming or conveying strong messages. Poetry, like painting, is an art form. Both are stunning, and they speak volumes with grace and attitude!

— Misbah

The Paint Of Suffering

To paint suffering with rhymes,
Childhood memories,
A love story,
An unforgettable stay.
When desire and inspiration echo me,
I begin my journey with two, three words.

I go in search of the smallest moments,
The smallest images,
The smallest catchy aspects
That this journey brings
Without any real process,
With a clear destiny.

Armed with scattered lines,
I begin to dress this dish,
Sprinkling it with details here and there
Bringing a touch of sincerity.
On my face, a fulfilled joy
At the end of this incredible track.

Modestly, I grab my old guitar,
Play some famous chords of all the fairs,
Put down a melody fit for an infant
Then I'll sing you another song.

Art is my way of life; I will shed tears on canvas and the result will be a masterpiece worth thousands of dollars.

— Misbah

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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