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For The Love Of Fall

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Terrie is a mother and her love of writing poetry, music, and quotes have led her back, to explore more of her creative side.

Fall Is the most fabulous season of the year.

The season of color, red, orange and yellow.

Nothing about fall is mellow.

Green trees come alive, with the change of color.

The sun adds a glow and brightens the day.

Till the wind comes along and shortens their stay.

Then they twist and turn, floating to the ground.

Now the beauty of fall leaves are laying all around.

Leaving its color for children to play.

They run, jump and dive.

Children come alive, some even thrive.

Lets play the day away.

So pile on the leaves, and have fun today.


Hello Fall

Fall is rich with color, bronze, gold and brown.

A cold nip in the air, but I do not care.

I just stand and stare, fall has such flare.

Steam rolls off my coffee.

and I wrap my hands in tight.

As I breath the crisp, cool air,

I pull my sweater tight.

Fall brings such delight.

Soon it will be gone and winters on it's way.

Now get outside and take it in.

Take a walk, or a bike.

Hey, lets go for a hike.

Do not delay, fall will not stay.

So have some fun today.


© 2017 Terrie Lynn