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For The Fallen Humanity

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


Your satisfaction is found in Me and in Me alone

Pretend not that the earth

Can give you what the soul is longing

For even thy mouth is closed, thy crying for help

From a soul is louder

Your eyes telleth thy loneliness, fear and distrust

I have crossed the desert and ocean's and mountains

Just to bring this lamp at your door

While your filthy actions

And marred character and heavy language

Keep on pushing Me away

Yet again and again if I have to purchase

Your soul with Mine own blood once again

And even in a million more repeat

Voluntarily without doubt no matter how vile

You might become, still I will

For you are worthy of My love

And know that My love is worth it

Even though you will always be

Far from being close from what I have done

On earth

Yet just as you call on My name

And heard you in tears and in pain

I hear your sufferings not just in my ears

But also in every deepest corner of Mine heart

I am hear and you are heard little dear ones

Cry on My shoulder, seek My presence

Eyes on Me that you might not get lost

Call on My name and you will see

And you will hear, I am here dear child

I longed to hear you call My name

I have been carrying those tears upon My heart

Those distressed hopelessness and heart burdened

I know so well thy weaknesses

For I have experienced it all

And to its deepest pain and darkness

I was also in all point tempted just as where you are right now

I know exactly where thy strength of temptation lies

Therefore trembling children of God

Be watchful for none of an earthly things

Can ever satisfy a longing soul

These things will only make you feel empty and miserable

For too much cares for the worldy standards

Is extremely exhausting

It will only bring overwhelming aches in thy heart

And will marred thy character

Your lives as well will find none satisfaction

Neither rest

For it is the so much love for self that bring unrest

A new morn will make them feel another day of suffering

For them being alive is walking on fire

And thorns and in pain

For what? To only gratify thy pointless ambition

And worldy desires?

You marred your soul and wound your heart

And made thy life weary just to make thy selves convince

You somewhere belong?

You are Mine and in Me alone is where you belong

" My yoke is easy and My burden is light "

Ambition is blind and desire is ignorance

It will only make you feel scared and in so much

Worries and anxieties

To both die and being alive

I can tell the number of the stars on earths wall

I've seen the world before it even begin

What kind of path I made before your feet?

I have always carry this lamp for you

Our father who art in the highest

Has uncountable ways to provide

Which none eyes nor heart knows

For you I bring relief

" healing for the broken hearts

Bindeth for the wounds

Strength for the weak

Enlightenment for the ignorant

Deliverance for the tempted "

My great love for God and Mine for you

Fallen humanity and from our heavenly Father

Sent me here to bring this light in your darkness

Wherever you dwell

Even to the deepest part of your sin

I will deliver you until the last drop of Mine blood

You are so dear to our Father's heart little ones

While I carry this tears upon My heart

Our Father's love for you is stronger than your curse

But God's hatred of sin is as strong as death

Therefore walk in God's direction

Build your lives under His commandments

For in this path you are walking with My company

Where all heart is at rest

For perfect peace is found where thy heart really belong.

I am not a myth and neither our God

Heaven is worth it,

Your real home where your family awaits

Is worth it.

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