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For Gus

A registered physical therapist in the Philippines, Mona is endlessly in pursuit of her true passion-poetry and the arts.

‘For Gus’ (Inspired by The Fault in Our Stars)

Wednesday, the first time we met

You were this strange, beautiful boy with one and a half legs

How our first conversations went, I could not forget

From me being something else, to the breakfastization of scrambled eggs

I knew I was in love with you even from the very start,

Especially when you had read to me: I fell slowly, and then all at once

Although we shared a common illness, we also shared one heart

Together we had decided to show this world our acerbic brilliance

One special place was the true witness to our priceless moments

From tasting the stars to kissing in Anne Frank’s house and Venn diagrams

You too suffered with me our meeting the obnoxious Van Houten

There is not one place I would rather be again than in Amsterdam

But what joy I had in the numbered days, I also suffered from disconsolation

Learning that you would cease undergoing personhood at some indeterminate point in the future

The world indeed is not a wish-granting factory, my one true wish met with inconsideration

That wish being: staying forever with you, living as though we are cancer-devoid creatures

I love you Augustus, for you I will remain OKAY

Every day I am thankful for the little infinity we have shared

In my heart is where forever you will stay

With your metaphorical resonances riding swiftly through the air

© 2020 Mona Ferrero

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