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Fool's Loss and Wise Man's Gain

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Fool's Loss

My heart is full of ache.

What more can you take?

You have my soul;

The one who made me whole.

You've taken health

And what little wealth

Was once bequeathed to me.

Why? Why can't you see?

You've taken all.

I've no further to fall.

You've stolen everything

And left me with nothing.

How can you be so cruel?

You call this merciful rule?

Do you take me for a fool?

Was I naught but a tool?

Ruler of the earth and sea,

Look what your rule has done to me.

My life was never great,

But you've filled me with hate.

How could you, Father of mankind,

Break my heart and soul and mind?

Wise Man's Gain

You emptied out my flawed heart

So that you'd be able to impart

Precious blessings so much deeper

Than my old heart could e're be keeper.

You stretched and pushed and pulled my soul

So that I could at last be whole.

You sent to me a precious friend

Then led him to joy beyond end.

You gave to me a body of flesh

So my broken soul might refresh

And that my mind may grow.

You did not promise tomorrow.

But you've given me today

To learn, to work, to play.

You've given me a cozy bed

And a pillow for my head.

You've shown me how to bend

And given me tools with which to mend.

You've given me your all.

And more each time I call.

I have taken all that you impart,

So at least I'll give to you my heart.

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