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A foolish feelings of love


Foolish heart

I love you but you don’t know

I missed you but you don’t feel too

You said you missed me how could it true?

Do I need to believe in you?

Many chances we talked

So many words you told

But the words I love you,

I never heard.

I don’t know what is deep inside your heart

I don’t know what is real

I am there inside?

Like what I'm feel for you in my heart

I really mean a lot

Every word you tell

In every action you show

I assumed it’s true

I believed and appreciate

Every little things you did

To put meaning on it

Hope and believed

I’m hoping but I’m wrong

I thought it’s me but I'm not

Because your love is not for me,

It is for somebody.

It’s my fault

I really assumed a lot

And I love you so much

Now, it's hurt me a lot

But still I continue to love you

I only one who feel this feelings

It’s unfair but I will be still

I feel the same

Yes I do

I still loving you

Hope someday it will be end

Because I suffer a lot of pain

Your love it’s not for me

Here I am, I’m still waiting

Someday still hoping

You will feel the same

Still loving you even I know

I ignore all things you do

I am happy with you

My heart too much dependent on you

I know it is foolish

Ignoring many chances

To realize the truth

Your feelings of me is like a friend.

You told me from the beginning

You have other woman

Still I continue to love you

I didn’t see the real things.

When you said goodbye I cannot accept it

Like heaven falling down in my head

It’s like a knife slice my heart

Leading it a broken heart

Many nights I can’t sleep

Many nights I waste my tears

Many things I forget

To love you never regret.


Nida Ormo (author) from Bacolod City, Philippines on June 04, 2021:

Yes, that is true because it is too hard and it is painful just to realized that only you are the only one who falling in love to him. Thank you so much for reading. Keep safe and God Bless us all.

Abigayle Rourk from Ripon, Wisconsin on June 04, 2021:

I finally realized my husband didn’t feel love for me the sam as I did for him so I am the one that left but he won’t let me go

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