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A foolish feelings of love


Foolish heart

I love you but you don’t know

I missed you but you don’t feel too

You said you missed me how could it true?

Do I need to believe in you?

Many chances we talked

So many words you told

But the words I love you,

I never heard.

I don’t know what is deep inside your heart

I don’t know what is real

I am there inside?

Like what I'm feel for you in my heart

I really mean a lot

Every word you tell

In every action you show

I assumed it’s true

I believed and appreciate

Every little things you did

To put meaning on it

Hope and believed

I’m hoping but I’m wrong

I thought it’s me but I'm not

Because your love is not for me,

It is for somebody.

It’s my fault

I really assumed a lot

And I love you so much

Now, it's hurt me a lot

But still I continue to love you

I only one who feel this feelings

It’s unfair but I will be still

I feel the same

Yes I do

I still loving you

Hope someday it will be end

Because I suffer a lot of pain

Your love it’s not for me

Here I am, I’m still waiting

Someday still hoping

You will feel the same

Still loving you even I know

I ignore all things you do

I am happy with you

My heart too much dependent on you

I know it is foolish

Ignoring many chances

To realize the truth

Your feelings of me is like a friend.

You told me from the beginning

You have other woman

Still I continue to love you

I didn’t see the real things.

When you said goodbye I cannot accept it

Like heaven falling down in my head

It’s like a knife slice my heart

Leading it a broken heart

Many nights I can’t sleep

Many nights I waste my tears

Many things I forget

To love you never regret.