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Fool Again

I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.


I keep letting you in,

I keep hoping,

That you will fall fast enough,

Before time teaches me,

To let go of you,

Your words, I can read you fear,

You dwell in void affairs,

You want easy, your used to it.

Everytime I see you,

I lose you a little more,

I crave you less, I care less,

I keep waiting for the child in me,

To finally learn that it isn't you,

I'll keep making you a mistake,

Until I learn from it.

Rejection, like gall,

Is only bitter if you swallow it,

I promise to tread light,

To form walls,

That will only force you to climb,

If you ever seek me,

But how long until I learn,

That your not for me.

© 2022 Matilda Mumbua

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