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Food and More Food

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It's That Time Of The Week

A special time

Where we buy all the food we need for the week

There are so many choices

With prices at an all time high

We are a little more careful not to buy things

That we think we want

But really don't need

We cut out a lot of cookies, cakes and snacks

I love muffins

My wife loves chocolate bars

In the beginning it is tough

After a few weeks we don't really miss them

Our food bill is just over one hundred dollars

Luckily, we don't have any children

I can only imagine how high other families bill must be?

We cut down on deli meats too

We are eating healthier and in the end will be happier

It's hard

We try to have little waste

If any food left over we will eat it the next day

I heard some people throw leftovers away

I guess it is how you are raised

My wife works from home

So she needs food for lunches every day

We don't eat many frozen food dinners

We do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

I hear the prices are only going to go higher

We do what we have to do

With gas prices being at an all time high

I do a lot of driving

So there is no cutting corners there

As we put all our food away

Filling up the refrigerator and freezer once again

I wonder what things other people do?

To keep their family fed and happy too

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