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Followers of the Dark, Poetry

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Poems and Rhymes to help raise awareness of dangerous personality disorders (Narcissists & Sociopaths), and to encourage healing.

Followers of The Dark


One Tin Soldier

Follow The Leader

Followers of The Dark

The Narcissist’s

favorite game

of all

is conveniently


"Follow the Leader“;

And, he will always

win every game

he plays


he is an immorally,



If you desire

to play

his games,

you must follow

each and every



But remember,

the Narcissist

will insidiously

change these rules,

without pre-warning,

or any sort of

(even tiniest) clue!

Wait... listen up!

If you remain loyal

and obedient

to the Narcissist,

in playing every one

of his unfair,

childish games,

You will be promoted

to bigger

and better things,

like being a

Flying Monkey

in one of his major

Smear Campaigns!

Followers of The Dark


This is really

quite a calling,

to be a personal-


to such a perfectly,


Narcissist Chief;

But, be pre-warned

that your


with him

will always be


and radically brief!

See, your dear


will soon choose

brand new targets

to play with him

when he gets

a bit too snot-faced bored;

Then, you will get

to be the one

booted out,

and cruelly ostracized,

by his new,


Empath” hoard.


Followers of The Dark

Followers of The Dark

Narcissists will never “play” fairly with others; they do not follow any natural rules, or laws, unless it is of benefit to them. In fact, the only rule that really does apply to Narcissists is that “they are above any, and all, rules”. And most of the time, the Narcissists’ victims never realize that they are even in a game with the Narcissist, unless they are the Narcissists’ devoted Enablers.

Things Narcissists Say

Textbook quotes of Narcissists

Textbook quotes of Narcissists

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