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Focus On Energy


Focus on the energy

The positive you give

The positive you receive

As a result.

I love people

People love me


Let's not bring up anything unpleasant

Le'ts focus on the good

In life, everything can be good

It's your attitude

Breathe in red breathe out blue

Imagine a circle of light surrounding you


Get a sense of humor

Even if it's warped lol

Eat a lollipop

Enjoy the fresh breeze

Feel it on your skin

Smell the flowers

Sneeze when you gaze up at the sun

Drink fresh water

Dip in the pool

Walk in the sand

feel the bark on the tree

taste the chocolate one small bite at at time

And try to rhyme

Defeat your enemies by living an excellent life

Forget the strife of the past

Don't drive too fast


Sing in your car

to stones, gaga, and queen

blast that radio

go go go

then cuddle with your cat or loved one

I am your guardian angel

And you're mine