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Flying in the Limit

Author, Musicman, Traveling,Reading. stay in Jakarta-Ponorogo, Indonesia


Flying without spread

The silence of the night breaks the soul

Immediately I was pensive, flying without wings

I'm used to falling

Then I stood with a lame leg

But not troublesome

Again, the longer I flew in the limit

The umpteenth time I fell

I try to get up with the moonlight

A sharp stab in the chest

Ahh, I've been okay

And again, the longer I flew in the limit

I pray to the Lord

In order for me to remove all the fatigue of the soul

Forget to see the moon at nightfall

I kept trying to fly

I'm still as usual

Again, again flying in the limit

I beg to God

To keep me away from the illusion that has been haunting me

And watched the stars, the moon, and the black sky

I will keep flying even within bounds


© 2018 Kubil Herdian