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Fly Flying Fight

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Fly Fight

Fly Fight

Leave me alone! Do you really want to die?
I held my sandwich tight and took another bite
It was the most delicious I have ever tasted
Me eating my sandwich was like a visit to heaven, I felt elevated
But I had to drew my sword and defended it all
Because this pesky fly wanted a piece, I could have given him since he is so small
But my sandwich is mine and was genetically made for my mouth
There and then I knew someway I had to take this fly out

He came buzzing down in full force with succulent lips trying to disarm my meal
I swung at him with my sword, and he dived but I defended with my shield
The manoeuvres he made he must have been trained by the air force fighters
I could use a Black Widow right now, where are all the spiders?
The place went silent and I thought he had given up the fight
I sat on the blanket and as I was about to take another bite
there he was hitched on my bread
Rage and anger filled my eyes, this time for sure this fly would be dead

I flashed him off and made several magical swings with my sword
Only to have chopped down a low hanging tree limb, that knocked me to the floor
I could honestly hear that little pest having a tiny grin
He had a piece of my sandwich, but I was not about to give in
I wrapped up my delicacy and stuffed it under my coat
and decided to leave the park, picked up my blanket, my beer and my coke
I headed over to the beach, thinking that the strong breeze would not allow any fly to be
The day was beautiful and I also liked the sea

I lay on the sand and pulled out my sandwich and I got the shock of my life
There was the pesky fly all wrapped up in my bread, eating away my life
I could not control the gamma rays in me any more
I threw the sandwich down on the floor
I made a hulky jump and the top of my head met a plane
As that fly was about to escape I came down with atomic force and stomped it into a grain
The people on the beach began to run as they have never seen such rage
The fly was squished, but I was in such pain

That wicked fly must have been sent by my ex-wife somehow
But it was vanquished, crushed like mince made from cow
i clenched my fist and looked down at my devastated meal in the sand
it looked in-tack, but the only thing missing was a piece of ham
I took up the sandwich and a drop of tear ran from the corner of my eyes and tricked down my lips
I brushed off the sand, held it and gave it a kiss
I looked at it closely and pondered my next move
And ate it all up as I could not resist such a tasty food

© 2017 Clive Williams