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Flutters: A Poem

Veronica has poetry and short stories published in several literary journals. She holds an MA in Literature from American University.


a butterfly flutters past my face
and I want to catch it in my net
stop its flight
(end its life)
so I can examine her
pin her wings
on scrap paper
put her in glass
let the dust collect
on her body
so whenever I feel
that all beauty is
I can retrace the fading color
in her winged skin
and feel human again
like when I sit in the sun
and a butterfly flutters past my face


"Flutters" is poem that marked my angst over the temporal nature of the world. I wrote this poem shortly before becoming a Christian. I often tried so hard to capture beauty in my mind, in the moment, but knowing that I couldn't fully capture it and keep it made me frustrated and sad. It reminds me of why I need Christ: because without the love of God, the world and all the beauty in it are fated to nothing but death, including myself and those that I love.

This poem also appears in my chapbook, At War With the Fireflies.

© 2020 Veronica McDonald

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