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Flutters: A Poem

Veronica has poetry and short stories published in several literary journals. She holds an MA in Literature from American University.


a butterfly flutters past my face
and I want to catch it in my net
stop its flight
(end its life)
so I can examine her
pin her wings
on scrap paper
put her in glass
let the dust collect
on her body
so whenever I feel
that all beauty is
I can retrace the fading color
in her winged skin
and feel human again
like when I sit in the sun
and a butterfly flutters past my face


"Flutters" is poem that marked my angst over the temporal nature of the world. I wrote this poem shortly before becoming a Christian. I often tried so hard to capture beauty in my mind, in the moment, but knowing that I couldn't fully capture it and keep it made me frustrated and sad. It reminds me of why I need Christ: because without the love of God, the world and all the beauty in it are fated to nothing but death, including myself and those that I love.

This poem also appears in my chapbook, At War With the Fireflies.

© 2020 Veronica McDonald


Veronica McDonald (author) from Alabama on January 15, 2020:

Thanks Brenda. Just to clarify, I’ve never actually done this to a butterfly. I love butterflies! This was just a poem meant to represent my line of thinking at the time. I was a bit of a nihilist before I knew Jesus. My poems are a little dark, and always pushed in strange or extreme directions that are not true to things I’ve done in reality. I’m glad you liked it.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 15, 2020:


The writing in this one is great.

I still am a bit disturbed by ending the life of a beautiful butterfly when its life span is so short in the first place.

But i suppose in school we were taught to pin them for a science project.

Your description below gives light to more understanding, but what about the part where Jesus loves all things.

I doubt if he would ever hurt these poor little beauties.

Nice write.

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