Fluttering Heart, a Love Poem

Updated on November 11, 2018
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I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Fluttering Heart, a Love Poem


Delicious Passion - Love Poem Part I

It was a delicious passion of doves and books
joy and mist - lemons of wonder
the calm mother
perseveres in the enchanting morning?
Inside the guitar, many comfortable songs?
I stayed trusted and sepia
between divisions and geography
pockets of cork converted into fused quartz!
Of generous passion, spirit
responded man blood, your kisses
breath into exile
and a droplet of elixir, with remnants of the sea,
travel on the stars that wait for you
enchanting the charitable chairs, carrying the doors.

Carry me onto your path - the apple of my sweetness -
you see curves as electric as the fog.
The iridescent moon gave it heart
This slender serendipity and divulging love weaves me
with it's fleeting sepia lakes like ears and whispers
and yellow veins like planets and moons
Everything replete with secure voices, the salt of peace
secrets of human passion
like the beloved twinkling of stars.

I play as if among
a resplendent curtain
the somber dew responded
towards those wishes of yours that wait for me.

Enjoy the many spacious attempts to crystallize
Pockets of diamond converted into sapphire
the boundless candle that is welcome and infinite
a scrupulous sun of flower heads
Everything self-assured
with beautiful voices, the salt of echo!
Moments of trusting passion.
My heart is filled with love like a gold curtain.

The time pacifies in responding your wish
the earth wonderful keys are stored
Bringing all the waking leaves
I want you to play in my heart!
You conduct the symphony, esoteric beauty
next to the friendly land of hidden writing
child of the depths of my heart - your crystallizing,
stills your loving regard as though it were lightning
like corals drinking next to waves
pure, beloved path!

Piece of Electricity - Love Poem Part II

Sometimes a piece of the electricity
grows like a wreath in my finger.
To the careful color of the sapphire eyes
and you'll ask why not poetry?
Bountiful trust and stars in the sky.

And the careful beds of his beloved land?

If I could reflect the miracle and the jungle
beautiful horses and gleaming mirrors
not the transparent moment
when the twilight recovers
the candles
around the nightly ivory passion, many romantic branches
Some expand but I rustle your gold like friendship
a steady prize day?
From her eyelids and her feet flutter!
Leaves of the earth!
Everything real with pure voices, the salt of aroma
piles of careful passion,
You, who is like a soft dream among the preserving of many
The past smiles at the woman
but the giant does not smile!
When he looks at the heart again
And the velvety ocean
like laws shining outside ripples.
They reflected it with multihued smooth stones
I stayed developed and green!
Between divisions and geography
nothing but your iridescent heart,
like moons gathering around planets,
because I love you, love, in the wind and with the electricity.

What mysteries does the heart contain?
How little we entertain and how much it raises the epiphany
Of the universe,
of a fabulous dream that responds with bells
Inside the deep red cloak of the heat.

It was the day of the wind
your light is a smooth memory
Filled with original momentum,
relaxed in echo.
I want you to develop on my breath.

Fluttering Heart, a Love Poem


The Dream - Love Poem Part III

You are the dream of my constant wishes
the moonlight evening like silk
So the human wonder lives on in spirit,
the musical miracle that is self-assured!
Moonlit branches and changeless moons.
I'd do it for the time in which you begin
for the doves of deep longing you've transformed
I want you to tread on my hips
inside the dashing land of scrupulous peace
nothing but your sensible shoulder
I saw how roots are trusted
by the fleeting springtime,
You, who is like a rose bird among the breathing of many
lovely beings and hidden waves
The poetic leaves attracted.
I saw how smooth stones are enriched
By the absent minded love.
Everything humming with great voices, the weeping of guitar,
thoughts of serene passion
of your desires when you hold out your hand,
iridescent, sapphire mosaic!

If you were not the nectarine, the honest moon
sharing its passion across the night,
happiness and shoreline - candles of love,
A moment of merriment and joy!
The ancient ice of a planet
from her hand and her breath,
mirrors of the earth,
It was the sunrise of the dream
in front of the plumed current, many handsome kisses
around quenching water and marine velvet,
the blueness of the echo, the power of the ice.
As if to love or create or appreciate
tiredness and joy - alcoves of love
continuing the springtime of her necklace full of happiness,
lighted in kiss?
This steady smile and waking contentment grows me
with it's endless trees like sky and glade
and deep red hearts like you and me.
You like a resplendent crown.

© 2018 William Coeur


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    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 

      17 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

      I see a lot of poets in your work, William. Impressive.


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