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Flowers of Hearts Who Go: Beloved Sayings

Halley is a man who loves to write poetry as an introduction to positive messages for his readers. as a form of social interaction.

Flowers Of Hearts

Flowers Of Hearts

Still Remember When did we first meet?
At that time your cheeks are still blushing and your lips are pink.
The time seems slow for me to take
The day is so steep when the distance away.

Remember when you know where I am.
Your view is like the heavenly dish I hope for
Your smile freezes me in the trajectory of the encounter
I shake shaking happily when you are soft
Call my name.

I still remember that you were on the side with the tactics I was looking for
I still remember that our skin was united in an introductory greeting
I still remember and remembered. My body sweats after you go out of sight.

You have a gentle flower that shows courtesy of your speech
The fragrant flower that you show in the neatness of your face
The beautiful flower you display is a gift that I deserve to be grateful for
You were once a flower that I always wanted to live with
So that you keep blooming and giving scent. Just for you.

The flower of my heart now you have gone not with me anymore.
What remains of the past seeds
All that's left is when you wake up and want to go back
What remains is me daydreaming quietly
Who always thinks you will come back as before.

Every man has a heart of interest that is very meaningful to always be guarded. soften your heart by reading this poem.


© 2018 Halley Kawistoro