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Flowers for Mama’s Birthday

I can still hear her voice in my mind and heart. I can see her smile in my dreams of her and I as I reach out--she floats away. I wake up.

Mama's Roses


A Visit to Mama

When the scorching Florida air,

Turns cools---I recall memories

of long ago to share.

I walk through the amber, orange

and golden leaves to visit Mama,

my Mother,

Listening to the sounds of the

quietness there---alone

without another.

I hold her bouquet so tightly in my hand,

to keep the sadness at bay,

Because today is a special day, it is her


I bring her flowers for every occasion, or

just because I want to be near her,

I place them in front of her cold tombstone

A token of love from---her sweet girl,

Now my eyes are so full---my sight is a blur.

“Mama, I know your spirit is around me

and not under the hard cold ground,

And one day---I will hear your beautiful voice

when it makes a welcoming sound.

My spirit will be with yours in a wonderful place,

Where love triumphs and we are all one race.

Until then Mama, I can only give you love by placing

your favorite lavender Roses on the cold ground,

In front of the engraved stone with your name,

As the silence is broken with only my crying sound.

It is never easy to come here,

But this is where I feel her near.

I felt her strong spirit as I kneeled down to pray,

Warmth surrounds me to keep the icy wind at bay.

It makes me sad to go,

And this I will forever know,

She is now smiling surrounded with a Heavenly glow.

“Happy Birthday Mama”

It’s getting dark---I have to go,

Bye Mama---I love you so.

I stood quietly waiting for the first stars to shine in the darkness because I hated to leave her alone.

I start to walk away when a tiny breeze blows through the trees that brings the fragrance of her cologne.

I will never understand the wonders of the spirit life only when I am one,

Then all my questions will be done.

Maybe when I am one

Happy Birthday to My Mother in Heaven

Mothers: There is No One Greater Than Our Mother

I always read poems about 'Mothers' because everyone is unique and special to their child or children.

My mother raised me as a single mother for the first five years of my life. We lived on my grandparents' farm. This is where I learned to be a tomboy. My sweet mother would dress me in a beautiful dress which my grandmother made, and we would leave the farm on Saturday and go to town.

My mother, grandmother and I would go to the movies. Sometimes it was only my grandmother and me, because my mother had to work on Saturdays.

My mother suffered through a divorce, and the loss of my older sister Thelma. Sometimes at night she would cry, and I would rub her back. I knew she was sad for many reasons--and I was very young, but this I remember well.

When my younger sister and I face a horrible issue; I always say our mother did not raise whimps. This always gives us strength to go on.

So many American mothers and mothers around the world showed their strength during the Pandemic. This is why I say, "God knew what he was doing when he made mothers."

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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