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Flowers : A Poem .... With Quotes and Thoughts on the Blooming Expressions of Love, Grace and Benevolence of Nature

Vanita Thakkar is an Entrepreneur - an Engineer-Researcher-Consultant and an Artist - Singer-Composer-Poetess-Writer from Vadodara, Gujarat.


How phenomenal is the tree's

Sense of Expression !

It’s yearning blossoms out

Into lovely, fragrant flowers

And dances merrily to

The varying tunes of the breeze,

Like the longing of the Sea

Dancing rhythmically on the waves.

- Vanita Thakkar (29.08.1994)


Flowers are dear to all - beautiful and harmless.

They inspire love, compassion, goodness and wisdom. There are thousands of beautiful quotes, poems and songs that are inspired by flowers or have flowers as a means to express feelings or messages .....

Here are some beautiful quotes on flowers - full of inspiration and energy ....


I don't pluck flowers ....

I don't pluck flowers - not even for pooja / offering to God. I don't like to pluck flowers as I feel as if the plants / trees are getting hurt and the flowers are being deprived of life ....


Thakur Ramakrishna Paramahansa never plucked flowers ....

Some years back, I read in the Kathamrita that Thakur Shree Ramakrishna Paramahansa also never used to pluck flowers. The Kathamrita is a compilation of the conversations of Thakur by his devotee and disciple Shree Mahendranath Gupta.


Shakuntala never plucked flowers ....

Earlier, I had read that Shakuntala also never plucked flowers. The trees used to shower flowers on her and she would take only such flowers to make ornaments for herself ....

Shakuntala was the extremely beautiful, loving and compassionate daughter of Sage Vishvamitra and Apsara Menaka (Apsara, according to the Hindu religion and mythology, is a celestial singer and dancer who, inhabits the heaven of the God Indra, the lord of the heavens). She was the wife of King Dushyant and mother of King Bharat, after whom India got the name Bhaarat - the motherland of Bharat. Also, Bhaarat means the Land of Light / Knowledge.

The great Sanskrit poet Kalidas wrote his masterpiece - Abhigyaan Shaakuntalam - on the love story of Shakuntala and Dushyant.


© 2021 Vanita Thakkar

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