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Flower Wreath

A wonderful flower wreath...

A wonderful flower wreath...

What a beautiful flower wreath.

I wonder who could've made such a beautiful flower wreath.

A suited man is walking towards the flower wreath.

Perhaps he is the maker?

He is putting on a gardening apron and gardening gloves.

He is walking towards a garden of flowers next to the flower wreath.

He surveys the garden.

He picks out the flowers that he thinks looks the best.

Certainly, he has a good eye.

He proceeds to add the flowers he picked to the flower wreath.

Ah, I think I understand, now.

The aproned man is creating the most beautiful flower wreath he possibly can with flowers from the garden.

What a lovely flower wreath it has turned out to be so far.

This man definitely knows what he's doing.

The composition is perfect.

Some beautiful flowers are overlooked, but that's okay because they might ruin the whole.

The aproned man knows exactly what he wants to make the flower wreath look absolutely wonderful.

The aproned man takes his gardening apron and his gardening gloves off.

The suited man leaves and does not come back for a long time.

The flower wreath still looks beautiful, but some flowers have begun to wither away.

The suited man returns and once again dons his gardening apron and gardening gloves.

The aproned man notices that some beauty has faded away from the flower wreath.

It isn't a problem for him, for he can remove the withered flowers and add even more beautiful ones.

The aproned man does exactly that.

The flower wreath looks very beautiful once again, without any blemishes.

The aproned man is extremely talented.

Oh, what's this?

The aproned man is looking at me.

I'm not sure how to react.

He is looking closer.

He is gazing upon me, smiling at me, fondling me.

What a joyous day.

The aproned man takes me to a new world, a world I never knew I could be a part of.

I see my fellow beautiful flowers all around me.

The aproned man appears to be happier than usual.

He goes to remove his gardening apron and gloves.

The suited man picks up the flower wreath and carries it with him.

I wonder where he is going.

The suited man travels to a large structure and enters with the flower wreath.

He walks into an office and puts the flower wreath up.

Perhaps this is where he goes when not by the garden?

There is a desk facing a window that the suited man sits at.

He is putting on black gloves and opening a device

He peers through the window.

There appears to be many smaller beings that look like him.

He surveys the smaller beings.

He appears to be in contemplation, and is making a decision.

Using the device he chooses the smaller being that he thinks is the best.

Certainly, he has a good eye.

He proceeds to pick out more similar, high quality specimens.

Ah, I think I understand, now.

The suited man is constructing the most beautiful amalgamation of smaller beings from the pool of choices.

What a lovely project it has turned out to be so far.

This man certainly knows what he is doing.

He observes the choices he has made in the past.

Some smaller beings have turned out to be not as beautiful as they once were.

That's okay because the suited man will discard them and make room for more beautiful specimens.

This is very much like his activities by the garden.

The aproned man and the suited man truly are one and the same.

The suited man closes his device and leaves the office without the flower wreath.

I see his work so far with the amalgamation of smaller beings.

The composition is truly wonderful, without a blemish in sight.

I think I understand the man's desires.

Only the beautiful shall ascend, in order to maintain the perfection of the composition.

What a beautiful flower wreath.

© 2020 DJ Wilder

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