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Florida Landscape with a Gator

Maya Ellenson is keen on creating unconventional poetry and prose, inspired by what the moment reveals.

Perfect Day in Florida

Hobe Sound, Florida

Hobe Sound, Florida

Nature’s Silk Painting

By the pond

a Florida gator is dreaming his lurid gator dreams

under a bottlebrush tree

in Spring madness

its crimson red pigments

spattered across the silky sky

as in Japanese painting

ornate fragments composed

suggestive of immensity all around

yet pictorially self-contained

it also shows

a fountain flowing up and down

with water beads scattered


all of a sudden

a singular droplet

comes into sight

perfectly oval

paused in the air

holding the Earth

inside its gold-leaf belly

Red Madness

Stuart, Florida

Stuart, Florida

Dancing Fountain

Hobe Sound, Florida

Hobe Sound, Florida