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Someone who has a passion for writing and revealing his true potentials. Life is a word, with many feelings.


Who doesn't fall in love? Obviously no one.

Love forms are many, with the same concept of attachment in all forms, but with a little deviation in the reason and the way.

Where one may fall in love with the simple beauty of a flower, or the attractive scent of life in the eyes of a cute baby in a speechless manner, or even the love of your dog or cat or bird or other pets, considering each of them to be a loyal partner of the road, that always cheer you up in your sadness, being a source of the only real happiness you experience.

There are much more than the examples I have mentioned, but being in love isn't always constructive, with the most common form of love being the love of desires, leading to unexpected effects and consequences; Most prominent of which is the deletion of the mind , beginning with a look, followed by thoughts, tortures and nightmares, ending in oneself being stuck there forever!

But that (forever) only exists in imagination, where if one conquered his way back to reality, he may manage to get over temptation, dragging legs once more to the right road. Or otherwise, may remain imagining for that (forever).

You may go on to love any, but whatever you do, wherever you go,

Beware of crosspathing with Florena.

N.B: The name reflected beauty to me, full of life, which is exactly how the desire always show up in the beginning, turning to be a cunning deceit.



Not very far, but everywhere,
You can always find her.
And don't let yourself care,
She will find you.
Where beauty subdues strength,
Keeping men going to any length,
To have a look, caught by her hook.
All reflected in her lens,
For every battle she always wins,
If you get to her arena.
The Mighty Pretty Florena.

Your mind keeps trying to resist,
Yet it finds that you insist,
On going after her.
Even if you stand,
Giving yourself a hand,
With hearts stolen by her dance,
And eyes striking like a Lance,
You will fall at once.
For you don't have a chance,
If you get to her arena.
The Mighty Pretty Florena.

Haunting you in your dreams,
Where her figure there seems,
To be vividly true.
Then You manage to wake up,
On seeing her you give up.
Be sure, her charm never fails,
A body with an ability, to move rails,
To set your soul free, to be hers.
Possessing you, for years to go,
If you get to her arena.
The Mighty Pretty Florena.

Internally, you are convinced,
That you need to escape,
But your eyes cannot help,
Forgetting her carved shape.
You need rising.
A smooth whip that's swaying,
On you, keeping you obeying.
Don't think that you can go away.
Her Allure will make you stay,
Luring all into her way,
To get you to her arena.
The Mighty Pretty Florena.

© 2018 Rony W Meleka

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