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Flipping the Status Quo Script Upside Down

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Woke up this morning and was on top of the world

Queen of the castle and master of the domain

All that pleasantly powerful aphrodisiac type stuff

Getting a rush of adrenaline bossing underlings around

Delicately, of course, because no mutinies will be had

On this particularly bountiful ship full off treasures

Tired of being the one everyone turned to sometimes

Especially when something went wrong with the ship

One questionable turn of the wheel made a promising trip

An unredeemable disaster; especially if the island had nothing

To offer except worthless seashells and empty coconuts

Sadly, was ready to pass the responsibility torch to someone else

Tired of getting yelled at by more experienced crew members

Looked eager to replace you or throw you overboard after another bad move

Confidence and desire to bark out orders like a drill sergeant faded away

Buffed out by too many mistakes and feelings of self-doubt

Quickest flame out in the history of being captain

Top of the mountain one minute; and fish food the next

No in-between in the cutthroat world of existence on the high seas

Where the water was choppy and the mood was downright lethal

Considered upsetting the apple cart and start a voluntary rebellion

Jump overboard and swim into complete oblivion

Live on a deserted island where responsibility was only a one person job

Laughed it off as a moment of depression and impulsive folly

Wondered when life became a moment of famine instead of a feast

Angered by the fact that this captain was more fowl than the hunter

Something to be placed on someone's dinner table if they weren't too careful

Or mounted on a fireplace as if they were a decorative trophy

A prize for being the last one standing in a battle of wills and bullets

Time to reach the end of this dubious journey of a day

Go to sleep and begin again with a hopefully clearer frame of mind

A pointless Wednesday filled with clouds and mixed emotions

Good night, world. Time to start over from the ground up.

Master of your domain? Defeated by the mutiny?

Master of your domain? Defeated by the mutiny?

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