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The Flight of a Thought

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I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

Fleeting Ideas

Many years ago, I had an idea for a story that followed me around for days. I woke up one morning and tried to record it on an old 33 MHz Dell computer word processing program. The cursor on a blank page blinked at me and nothing else happened. I wrote about that experience in a journal I was keeping at the time. It was frustrating in the extreme. This short poem, which also visited me just before wake-up one day, is homage to that moment and all others like it that have followed since. I am hopeful, perhaps even optimistic, there are those among you who have had similar experience. Indeed, I would bet on it. Enjoy!


Flight of a Thought

An idea came
To the tip of my brain
Sat on the cliff
Looked over the precipice
Teetered there
And fell

Outstretched synapses
Could not grasp this
Wonderful thought
And bring it back
To a spot it could
Meet paper

Turned my head
Away instead
Detached, indifferent, coy
Maybe just maybe
If I act hard to get
It will come back

Something laughed
“It’s part of the craft,”
In a voice
Cold and cruel
Like Vincent Price
On “Thriller”

That’s fine, I think
Then stare and blink
I can ponder and muse
For a while
And come up with

Besides it could return
Is what I have learned
Through numbered years
Of schooling
And working
And writing

So for now I’ll sit here
With a warm cup of cheer
Stretch and lean out
A little bit further
And take a hopeful peek
Over the edge

© 2020 greg cain