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Flickern' Sweet Mistress

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.


Lay low, sweet mistress, and reclaim yesteryear's light

Speak quickly, lady mistress, and walk slowly in shadows.

Of truth, of lies, and gowns of serious words of right.

There walks another fallen mariner down to the gallows.

He once loved you before you hid the moon

Laughing and dancing fools, you won him easy.

Ne'er your love songs came by winking too soon.

You let him touch your shiny gown and giggle breezy.

How many, shiny sweet mistress, did you claim tonight?

How many kisses and sweet whispers did you rob?

Just a fleeting night, a lover's fight . . .

And his death near a heart beat's throb.

Your stallions' shrill puffing against your promises

Ne'er they care, you never dared a night life with her.

Now what's left is a spirit that's deaf with bodices,

She's gone in a wink--a moment there a smile here.

She's a heartless, sweet mistress, oh mariner young Vermont's man

She'll rob you, taunt you, and leave you for dumb in the night.

Drunk on liar's wine your flashing eyes toward his broken land.

She'll not be a wife, young mariner, not day, not here not sight.

As long as the black beetle's song of restless spring . . .she'll be true

As long as the older ravens fly . . .she'll sing for you.

But turn to your true love, the sea, young mariner, she'll turn to a shrew.

And lash death 'round your neck in waters green and blue.

She's an ageless, sweet mistress, who's ne'er claimed a name

From one ship to a skip next, and boredom spells her vex.

One year she will cry to the beggar to worship her spirit so tame.

Quiet, sweet mistress, who's coin will you flex?

The Question I ask

You, my friend is . . .identify, if you can, the true identity of the 'sweet mistress' spoken of in this piece.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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