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Flickering Past : Its Varied Shades

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Flickering past..
The shades of greys have left impressions
Darkest of pigments ornament her frame
All the blues with tints of black..
All the reds with blush of claret..
Bedecked in dark the frame stands..

Terror looming in her hazel eyes..share their tale with the pearly drops
As the shivering frame gazes the ether.. the ether embellished with sparkles of hopes

Sparkles at the farthest ends..too far to illuminate her tomb
Perching amidst the ripples of emotions..sways her palm on her womb

As the thundering tone summons her presence..thunders punctuating the serene abode
As her ears roar of the evil..this recollection quivers her soul

For the night bespeaks the truth.. bespeaks as it beheld the barbarity
As angels swirled above in heaven.. another's murdered at the hands of beast

The scars that blemish the frame.. the frame so fair as ivory
Abbreviate the heinous tale.. the tale as dark as ebony....

Shivangi Rani...