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Flesh for Fantasy


im an electromech.and my hobby is to write poems in any topic under the sun

Flesh for Fantasy


Flesh for Fantasy


At the end of the day,hers is about to begin.

She starts it by making herself look so lucrative as possible.

As she is on her way to a place where she didn't dream of going into.

Her feet decided to make a move for her,out of unwanted circumstances.

She can't resist and she knows.This is a role she will take with her eyes close.

She got the rythmn as she perform in the circle of eyes longing for flesh...for fantasy.

© 2019 cruzerick

Oldest profession will still be there until the end of time.Because there will always be circle of eyes longing for flesh for fantasy.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 12, 2019:

Sometimes it's difficult to take a step into unfamiliar territory...no matter who has the longing.

Especially if due to unwanted circumstances.

Good read.

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