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Lost Love in Search of Identity

Anupam, a teacher for 15 years is a parenting expert, teenagers' coach & prolific writer & poet who writes to inspire the new generation.


Story of the Lost Love

I wandered here & there

in pain, in agony, in agitation,

Searching for my share of life,

After the love of my life was lost

As it got its haunt in else's heart

Considering it the divine forecast.

For a decade it was the world for me

As if my name was engraved within,

The reality struck like a thunder

When that love rained elsewhere

Leaving me to dry and wander.

I was broke, I was lost, I was dead

And knocked on every door I could

To get out of that living dead terror,

Tried connecting to the supreme lord

Using the various means of suggestions

But each of them resulted in

further more pain and desolation.

Search of Identity

Every step taught me lessons new

Each fall made me stronger I knew

Exploring the ways ahead I saw many

Renowned structures that were me

They'd risen from their past in glory

Sharing their amazing sparkling journey,

Learning from them I looked within

And explored an immense possibility

To make my own desirable destiny.

Now every wish was just a demand away

Whatever I asked was given without delay

And I realized I was the part of the whole

Which gave me the feeling of completeness

This is how I lost love and found self

Thus making love with the divine myself

And creating a connection with the supreme self.


© 2022 Anupam Mitu

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