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Flawed Soul

No matter how flawed you may be. Some people does actually see the good side rather than the bad side.


You know what's hard? It's when you're trying your best, But they only see the flaws of what you are doing. It's when you are aiming for a goal, But they don't help you in reaching for it. And when you do, they come congratulate you out of the blue. It's when you try to boost your confidence, But instead they bombard you with negative comments that degrades of what is left of you. This just shows that no matter how hard you help yourself, People are still gonna notice your flaws. Even when you try to conceal these flaws, They would dug themselves into your inner soul destroying you. So you pretty little thing, No matter how cruel the people in this world may get. Always be reminded that you have some good soul in you. Find people who motivates you. People who lifts you up when you're feeling down. People who instead notices your flaws, notices that you are trying your best and supports you all the way. People who would be by your side through thick and thin.

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